Local Tradespeople.

 Peter has lived here all his life except National Service, and owned shops for over 40 years
 PeterDavies Peter Davies
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1 More on the Ritz fire – and what is not said reveals……. er – well – listen carefully. 0:44  
2 During the war simple paper was in such short supply, even plain brown wrapping. This could result in amusing mistakes. 0:50  
3 Joan was evacuated from London to avoid the war time bombing, but it was not entirely successful!  0:32  
Alan ran the Fine Fare supermarket in Kings Street then his own book shop where Granny Ball “used to was”. He now sells on-line via ABE Books
AlanTuckerSmiling Alan Tucker
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1 What happened to Granny Ball’s Sweet Shop next. 3:09
2 watch this space.
 Nicholas will point your satellite dish in the right direction – trust me – he did a good job on mine after workmen doing other work had been near it.
NichlasWhiteBusiness   NicholasWhite Nicholas White
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1 When George Juggins visited the open air swimming pool at Stratford Park. On his bike in his bowler hat. 1:50
2 The cinemas of Stroud, his favourite pubs and cafes 1:15
3 Ebley Chapel school & Maidenhill School, teachers and spelling & maths ! 1:12
4 Ebley & Cainscross shops, and the garage 0:31
5 George & Dorcas and their cycle rides remembered. How George contrived to explain how he drank all his money 2:07
Dave Ireland runs “Time After Time” the vintage shop 30 High St, top quality vintage clothes & ephemera. He was an international Rock musician for many years – still making albums – and writes novels. His websites will tell you more – facebook “Time After Time
 DaveIrelandShop    DaveIreland Dave Ireland
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1 Dave’s early years living in a cottage with no bathroom & an outside loo – in the early 50’s. 1:24
2 his mother was a spinner in Stanley Mill and his recollections of working the spinning mule. 1:49
3 Dave’s father Maurice Ireland during WW2, and the practical jokes they played then. 1:07
4 his grandfather William Ireland in the Salvation Army during WW1. 1:18
5 Dave’s other grandfather Tom Bennett drafted into the Army during WW1, working as an elephant boy! 0:44
6 Tom Bennett when his horse & cart threw a shoe –  and as a lorry driver delivering seed & corn. 1:24
7 Dave riding on the lorry with his father delivering corn & seed far and wide. 0:55
Richard has been landlord of the Daneway for nearly 30 years the Daneway website Tuesday is music night.
landlord___landlady daneway Richard Goodfellow
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1 Richard Goodfellow, landlord of the Daneway pub on the history of the pub. 2:25
anonymousM pubSign ShipInnBar Dave Collins
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1 Dave Collins, landlord of the Ship Inn Brismcombe on what he found under his pub. 2:25
David Smith David Smith
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1 David, ran Stroud Music Centre for 47 years. Organist of Painswick parish church for 30 years. 0:58
2 recalling fellow organists of Stroud churches. 1:22